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This assessment is to determine whether your council has taken action towards becoming a more connected and cohesive community and therefore is an Established Council within The Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.


Established Welcoming Cities have cemented their status as a key member of the network and a driver of cultural change and have a clear assessment of their current position.  


To achieve the Established stage the criteria and indicators of the Leadership category of the Standard need to be met. This is a self-assessed level of accreditation.


Please complete and include the following information for each of the activities indicated:


- Indicate the Level of compliance (Council fully complies/ Council partially complies/ Council does not comply)

- Provide a brief description of the evidence of council compliance in each of the 3 stages of implementation as follows:

 o Policy (this may include policy documentation, action plan documentation or Council resolutions etc.)

 o Internal Implementation (this may include charter/guidelines, committee terms of reference, council meeting notes, internal events, processes or frameworks, master plan, details of reference group, reports, training materials or procedures etc.)

 o External implementation (this may include awards or presentations, community newsletters, events and celebrations, grants/sponsorships provided, information sessions, informative or promotional materials, Mayor or Councilor speeches, partnerships, program documentation, evidence of practical application, testimonials, website or social media etc.)

- Attach the relevant documentation as evidence to support compliance in each area.

- Include any relevant additional comments as necessary to further support compliance/near compliance within a particular area.